Historical Places Of Gujarat

Gujarat, the land of rich Culture and Heritage! The mystic experience as it unfolds its magic in abundance. Tourists flock in to explore its unique development, join in the festive seasons, enjoy the originalities of the performing genius of the folk art, music and dances. Above all, the Historical Places that dates back to the time of Indus Valley Civilization and Mahabharata times to the existence of Vedas.

Gujarat, the land of the Mahatma and many freedom fighters, is acclaimed in History as the departing souls leave footprints on the sands of time. It also exposes the rich archeological monuments with mix cultural blends.

Gujarat also emerges the fusion of the old bygone era to the new rural architectural modernity of changing times. It has emerged a developing State with high quality Construction and Architecture as the new diverse styles creates blend of International styles with regional flavors. The most enriched destination in Architectural Tourism, Gujarat is a fast paced State in India to focus on ‘Heritage spots’ and revives the history with touch of modernity in it’s renovation schemes.

The subterranean architecture for water, such as step well at Adalaj, Ranki vav at Patan or Dada hari ni vav at Ahmedabad, are uniquely exclusive to Gujarat in terms of their typology, attitude to water and stylistic manifestations.

List of Historical Places Of Gujarat

Adalaj Vav
Aina Mahal
Ashokan Rock Edicts
Bhadra Fort
Bhujia Hill Fort
Calioc Textiles Musium
Digvir Niwas Palace
Ethnology Museum
Fort of Diu (Junagarh)
Kachchh Museum
Kanthkot Fort (100 Kms From Bhuj)
Lakhota Fort & Kotha Bastion (JAMNAGAR)
Madanbsihji Museum
Rani Ni Vav
Ranjit Vilas Palace
Rao Pragmalji Palace
Rudra Mahal (Sidhpur)
Sarkhej Monuments (Ahmedabad)
Shaking Minarets
Sharad Baug Palace
The Toran of Vadnagar
Uperkot Fort (Junagarh)
Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery


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